The Caley BBQ/Fire Pit was designed to do four main functions 

1 It had to leave no trace, no scorched earth marks

2 It had to be both BBQ and Fire pit

3 It had to be strong, good quality and last years.

4 It had to be compact

1 There is nothing worse than seeing rectangular or circular black scorch marks all over your Local Park, countryside or wilderness, rendering it useless for years, while the waste can be toxic or hazardous to wildlife.


This was once a great camping spot until a family had a fire in May 2018 ....six months later it has not recovered.

With a Caley Barby this could be prevented, with due care and attention tests have shown Caley Barby to leave no trace at all, making it more eco friendly and better for the habitat.

2 Caley Barby had to function as a charcoal BBQ for cooking and a fire pit for the evening.

Once your charcoal cooking has finished pile on the logs, peat, or coal to give a nice warm evening around the fire.

3 Having had many cheap BBQs in my time, each not lasting much more than the season, we decided to make Caley Barby very strong precision built from 2mm steel, tough enough for all occasions.

Maintenance is easy once the first coating has burnt off just scrape and wash the BBQ, when dry spray with high temperature stove paint keeping Caley Barby looking new for years to come.

4 The Caley Barby comes in a strong waterproof case about the size of a 17” laptop, making it very compact easy to squeeze into any motor home, van, caravan, keeping the surrounding area clean and tidy.

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